Our Company

We are Digital Employment Experts

Welcome to Classified Verticals. In partnership with our media partners, we develop market leading recruitment solutions, creating enormous new digital revenue streams by helping local businesses to connect and engage with area job seekers.

We are infatuated with digital technology, but admittedly are obsessed with driving digital revenue. If you are ready to finally grab your share of the largest, local revenue segment, let’s talk Recruitment solutions.

– Everyone in our company can sell Digital Media.
– We think that data nerds are cool.
– Egos are checked at the door.
– Hard work defines our success.
– Results oriented. Everything we do, we measure.
– A little bit better everyday is our motto.
– We celebrate our successes.


Casual and Fun, but serious about Recruitment Advertising

All of the functional areas of our company are critical. We sell, create, and manage Digital Recruitment advertising programs that produce results for our clients…. over 3500 of them! So, while things do get a bit crazy, we love the pace at which we must learn and grow.


Our Sales team is a curious bunch. Their curiosity drives them to solve clients’ recruitment challenges on a daily basis. They are professional problem solvers with a great amount of focus…. towards making the most of their day, exceeding goals for the company and for themselves, and to staying on top of new advertising technologies that affect their clients’ recruitment strategies.

Digital Operations / Ad Fulfillment

Our Digital Ops group tackles a new list every single day. This list is critical to the success of our mission… and our clients’ expectations. They hvae a healthy balance of creating efficiencies in our fulfillment process and learning new technologies/ad platforms. They thrive in high volume, fast paced workdays. Strap on your headphones, dial in your favorite playlist and seize the day!

Digital Technology Team

Recruiting employees is difficult. Sometimes, it can be complicated. The goal of our Technology Team is to simplify this process by providing best in class Websites and Technology tools for us and our clients. We develop and manage high volume recruitment websites and custom technology tools. But, more than that, we dream up, create, and launch new technology initiatives at a rapid pace. Our tech team is involved in every process at our company, maximizing our ability to move swiftly for our clients.